Slavic and Byzantine Studies Library

Address: 1618 Sofia, 18 Prof. Ivan Duichev Str. 
Telephone: (+359 2) 856-49-82
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00-17.00
The library at the Centre for Slavo-Byzantine Studies “Prof. Ivan Duichev” was established in 1986. It maintains and receives publications and documents related to the Bulgarian, Byzantine and West-European medieval history as well as to the art, literature and paleography of the period. For the most part, its holdings have been formed through donations. Along with the personal library of Prof. Ivan Duichev (12,000 volumes), the holdings include the personal library of the American Byzantologist Prof. Peter Charanis, Prof. Veselin Beshevliev, Prof. Velizar Velkov, Prof. Hristo Gandev, Prof. Dimitar Mihalchev and individual series from the personal libraries of Prof. Georgi Gerasimiev, Lyudmil Basmadzhiev, Steven Runciman and other prominent medievalists and Byzantologists. Other donors have been the Vatican Apostolic Library, the British Council, 1300 Years of Bulgaria Foundation, the German scientific community, the National Bank of Greece, Greek-Bulgarian Society in Vienna and others.

Today the library contains over 60,000 library items (monographs, periodicals, rare and valuable editions, microfilms). It stores an extremely valuable collection of Slavic, Greek and Oriental manuscripts (600 units), old printed books (250 titles), numismatic collection (720 Byzantine coins) and a corpus of 20,000 imprints. 
The library has 21 reading places.

Университетска библиотека "Св. Климент Охридски" 2014