Classical Studies Library

Address: 1043 Sofia, 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Sofia University, Rectorate Building, 6th floor, Room 187  
Tel.: (+359) 896 625 803 
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00-18.00
The library was found in 1921, when a library collection to the Classical Studies Seminar was created. During the years it acquires  books, serialsand graphic editions in Classical Greek, Latin, Byzantine and Medieval Studies, as well as in history and archeology of the Classical Antiquity. Part of the library collectionswere donated, such as those of the personal library of Prof. Alexandar Nichev, new scientific literature by the publishing house “H. C. Beck”, Muenchen (402 volumes), from the Italian Embassy, Open Society Foundation, lecturers, students and others.      
Currently the library collectionconsists of over 5,000 items - original texts in ancient Greek and Latin (approx. 2500 items); translations of ancient writers in contemporary languages; studies in ancient history, archeology, epigraphy, culture, literature and philosophy; linguistics; dictionaries, encyclopedias and collected works.     
The library has 11reading places and 2computarized workstations. Borrowing for home use is allowed for faculty members and students at the Department of Classical Studies only. 

Университетска библиотека "Св. Климент Охридски" 2014