For the period from 1945 to 1988

Asen Kovachev, a longtime librarian and bibliographer at the University Library, is appointed Director of the UL. 
1 May
After the air-raids on Sofia and the evacuation, the University Library restores its normal functioning and opens doors to its users. 
Up to 1950 the libraries at the Faculties of Theology, Agronomy and Forestry, Economics, and Veterinary Medicine gradually differentiate and become the basis of the libraries of the respective new universities. 
The seminar libraries to the Faculty of Law are united into one branch library. 
The structure of the Central Library is shaped by differentiation of its main departments:
Acquisition and ILL;
Circulation and Library Holdings;
Scientific-Bibliographic Research. 
Starts the development of a subject catalog maintained until 1960. 
Adoption of Regulations of the University Library. 
Jordan Bratkov, Professor of Latin at Sofia University, is appointed Director of the University Library. 
Starts the revision of the alphabetical catalog of books acquired after 1938, in compliance with the new instructions for bibliographical description of books of 1951-1952. 
The structure of the University Library is finally formed, which consists of a Central Library and branch libraries. Branch Libraries Department is established. Mrs. Slavka Shopova is appointed head of the department. 
Introduction of a single registration of library readers in the Central Library. 
Creation of the largest branch library “Philologies”, which incorporates the seminar libraries of the Slavic Seminar (1897), the Seminar of Comparative Literary History (1911/12) and the library of the Institute of German, French and English Philology. 
Creation of a library collection of the Department of Archeology at the Faculty of History. Published:
Popiliev, Todor and Elena Dushkova. Spatnik na chitatelya (Companion to the Reader.)
Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1954, 79 pp. 
Birth of a scientific group on issues of library science and bibliography after the appointment of the first research associate in the University Library – Mrs. Salza Petkanova. 
Bibliographical directory published:
Petkanova, Salza and Elena Micheva. Dialekticheski i istoricheski materializam (Dialectical and Historical Materialism.) Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1955, 188 pp. 
Nikola Tchervenkov is appointed Director of the University Library. Start of a comprehensive examination of the library holdings, completed in 1960. Starts the construction of an alphabetical catalog of books for the library staff, serving as a union catalog of the University Library Network. 
Bibliographical directory published:
Popiliev, Todor. Balgarska hudozhestvena literatura i kritika. (Bulgarian literature and criticism.) V. 1. Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1957 –1. 1944 – 1954. 1957, 222 pp.

Starts the publication of a series of multivolume bibliographic directories prepared by the staff of the library:
Andreeva, Stoyanka. Bibliografiya na slavyanskoto literaturoznanie i folklor (Bibliography of Slavic Literature and Folklore). 
V. 1. 1955 - 1956. Sofia: BAN, 1958, 203 pp. Andreeva, Stoyanka and Lazarina Stanisheva. Ibid. 
V. 2. 1957 - 1960. Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1963, 336 pp. Andreeva, Stoyanka and Lazarina Stanisheva. Ibid. 
V. 3. 1960 -1965. Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1968, 589 pp. Andreeva, Stoyanka, Nevyana Beleva, Tsvetanka Kirova, and Lazarina Stanishev. Ibid. 
V. 4. 1966 - 1970. Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1973, 915 pp. Hrusanova, Vesela, Lazarina Stanisheva, Nevyana Beleva, Stoyanka Andreeva, and Tsvetanka Kirova. Ibid.
V. 5. 1971 - 1975. Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1978, 1189 pp. Hrusanova, Vesela, Lazarina Stanisheva, Mariya Kapitanova, and Tsvetanka Kirova. Ibid. 
V 6. 1976 - 1980. Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1983, 1305 pp.
Kirmagova, Angelina. 
Knigi i periodichni izdaniya v NR Balgariya.(Books and periodicals in Peoples Republic of Bulgaria.) Sofia: Balg. bibliogr. Inst. “Elin Pelin”
1958 Kirmagova, Angelina 1960, 16 pp. 
1959. Kirmagova, Angelina 1961, 14 pp. 
1960. Kirmagova, Angelina and Dimitar Boshnakov. 1961, 6 pp. 
Adoption of Regulations of the University Library. 
Starts the reconstruction of the existing classified catalog of books acquired after 1938 (based on the new classification scheme for the scientific libraries in Bulgaria of 1958). Creation of its subject index. 
Library assistants draw up an educational tool for students at the Faculty of Philosophy:
Panova, E., Lyudmila Genova and Salza Petkanova, eds. Filosofiyata ot epohata na Vazrazhdaneto do vtorata polovina na ХІХ v. Chast I: Ot Vazrazhdaneto do vtorata polovina na XVІІІ vek ((Philosophy from the Renaissance Age until the Second Half of the ХІХ Century. Part I: From the Renaissance to the Second Half of XVIII Century.) 
Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1961, 514 pp. 
Opening of the branch library of the Faculty of Biology after the unification of the libraries at the Faculty institutes. 
Publication of several bibliographical directories in various research fields: 
Paunova, Anna and Angelina Kirmagova. Kiril i Metodiy. Bibliografiya na balgarskata literatura 1944 – 1963. (Cyril and Methodius. Bibliography of Bulgarian Literature 1944 – 1963.) Sofia: Sofia State University St. Kliment Ohridski, 1963, 45 pp. 
Chervenkov, Nikola. Nyakoi nepublikuvani materiali za prof. M.P.Dragomanov. Zaslugite mu za Sof. universitet i negovata biblioteka. (Some Unpublished Materials About Prof. P. M. Dragomanov. His Contribution to Sofia University and its Library.) Sofia: Nar. bibl., 1963, 223-246 pp. (Offprint from Izvestiya na Nar. Bibl. i bibl. na Sof. Darzh. Univ. V. ІІІ .) 
Tsankov, Vasil and Margarita Kehayova. Belezhki varhu stratigrafiyata na gornata kreda i paleogena v Aytoska Stara planina (Notes on the Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene in Aytos part of Balkan Mountains.) Offprint from Godishnik na Sof. Univ. BGG fak., V. 56, number 2. Geologiya 1961/62. 
Bibliographical directory published:
Trandafelov, Dimitar and Salza Petkanova. Raztvori (Solutions.)
Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1965, 128 pp. 1966A separate International Book Exchange Department is created within the University Library with a head Nikola Stanev. 
Bibliographical directories published:

Trandafelov, Dimitar and Salza Petkanova. Iz istoriyata na himiyata. T. І. Ot antichnostta do alhimiyata (From the History of Chemistry. Volume I. From Antiquity to Alchemy.)
Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1967, 144 pp. 
Oreshkova, Zdravka, Stefan Kanchev and Siyka Tancheva. Savetska hudozhestvena literatura v Balgariya 1955-1965. Bibliogr. spravochnik. (Soviet Literature in Bulgaria 1955-1965. Bibliographical Directory.)
Sofia: NBKM, 1967, 508 pp. 
Kanchev, Stefan Kunchev and Trayan Radev. Balgaro-nemski kulturni otnosheniya 1806-1966 (Bulgarian-German Cultural Relations 1806-1966.).
Sofia: NBKM, 1968, 222 pp. 
Angelieva, Teofana. Poemata na Grigor Parlichev “Skenderbey” na balgarski ezik: Iv. Lekov. (Gregory Purlichev’s poem "Skenderbey” in Bulgarian language: Iv. Lekov.)
In: Pred VІ mezhdunaroden kongres na uchenite slavisti. Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1968, 129-136 pp.
Offprint from Ezik i literatura, year XXІІІ, 1968, number 3. 
Angelieva, Teofana. Tekstove za uprazhneniya po gratski ezik. (Texts for exercises in Greek. ).
Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 70 pp. 
Opening of the Department of Scientific Communism Library. 
Bibliographical directories published:
Dujchev, Ivan, Angelina Kirmagova, and Anna Paunova. Balgarska kirilo-metodievska bibliografiya za perioda 1963-1968 (Bulgarian bibliography on Cyril and Methodius 1963-1968.) Sofia: BAN, 1969. 
Stanisheva, Lazarinka and Slavka Shopova. Bibliografiya na disertatsiite, zashtiteni v Balgariya 1929 – 1969. (Bibliography of Dissertations Defended in Bulgaria 1929 – 1969.) Sofia: Universitetska biblioteka, 1969, 593 pp. 
Opening of a library of course reading materials in the Student Town. 
Decree № 2 of the Council of Ministers sets the University Library as a Methodology Center for the Higher School Education Libraries within the network of the Ministry of Public Education. 
Adoption of Regulations of the University Library. 
Duridanov, Ivan and Stoyanka Andreeva. Bibliografiya na balgarskata onomastika 1960 – 1970 (Bibliography of Bulgarian Onomastics 1960 –1970.) Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1972, 60 pp. 
Angelieva, Teofana, Anna Paunova and Vesela Hrusanova. Bio-bibliografiya na prepodavatelite ot Fakulteta po zapadni filologii (Bio-bibliography of Teachers from the Faculty of Western Studies.) Sofia: SU "Kliment Ohridski". University Library Offset Printing Press, 1973, 522 pp. 
Bibliographical directories published:
Koleva, Donka. Bibliografiya na diplomnite raboti,, zashtiteni v Himicheskiya fakultet 1955 – 1973. (Bibliography of Graduation Theses Defended in the Faculty of Chemistry 1955 – 1973.) Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1974, 240 pp. 
Hrusanova, Vesela. Ukrainska savetska hudozhestvena literatura i literaturna kritika v Balgariya 1917 – 1974 (Ukrainian Soviet Literature and Literary Criticism in Bulgaria 1917 - 1974). Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1974, 252 pp. 
The bibliographer and Research Associate Second Degree Mr. Stefan Kanchev – is appointed Director of the University Library. 
Bibliographical directories published:
Kanchev, Stefan, Velcho Kovachev, and Pavlina Edreva, eds Balgarski knigi 1944 – 1969 (Bulgarian Books 1944 – 1969.) V. I – XIV. Sofia: NBKM, 1976. Hrusanova, Vesela. “Sapostavitelno izsledvane na balgarski ezik s drugi ezitsi” (A Contrastive study of Bulgarian Language and Other Languages.) Bjuletin za sapostavitelno izsledvane na balg. ez. s dr. ez. № 4,1976, 83 pp. 
As a result of a severe depository crisis in the Central Library, to closed stacks depositary storage are moved 45,000 volumes of foreign literature, Ph.D. theses collection, the Library Science collection, outdated textbooks, doublet items of reference books and other items from the holdings in the student reading room. 
Opening of a library depository (Bl. 51, Student Town) for the storage of less used literature from the branch libraries (Law, French, History, Pedagogy, Geography, Geology, Philosophy and Philologies) containing about 30,000 volumes. 
The University Library building is declared an architectural and historic cultural monument. 

Stanisheva, Lazarinka and Slavka Shopova. Bibliografiya na disertatsiite, zashtiteni v Balgariya 1965 – 1972. (Bibliography of Dissertations Defended in Bulgaria 1965 – 1972.) Sofia: Univ. biblioteka, 1979, 699 pp. 
Creation of the Library to the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication. 
Bibliographical directories published:
Shishkov, Georgi, Margarita Kehayova and Svetlana Staykova. Bibliografski ukazatel na literaturata po vaglishtnite baseyni i nahodishta v Balgariya (Bibliography of Literature on Coal Basins and Deposits in Bulgaria). Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1980, 132 pp. 
Duridanov, Ivan and Stoyanka Andreeva. Bibliografiya na balgarskata onomastika 1940 – 1970 (Bibliography of Bulgarian Onomastics 1940 - 1970) Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1980. 
Stoeva, Valeriya, Zdravka Oreshkova, Kremena Petkova, and Lilyana Nedeleva. Kliment Ohridski. Bibliografiya. 1945 – 1980 (Kliment Ohridski. Bibliography. 1945 – 1980). Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1980. 

Stoeva, Valeriya Vesela Hrusanova, Zdravka Oreshkova, and Lilyana Nedeleva. Rimskoto vladichestvo, kasnata antichnost i trakiyskoto nasledstvo. Bibliographiya 1970-1980 (Roman Rule, Late Antiquity and the Thracian Heritage. Bibliography 1970-1980.) Sofia: University Library, 1980, 91 pp. 
Export of less used parts of Central Library periodical holdings to closed stacks depository storage (bl. 50 B, Student Town) – 1,578 titles in 15,000 volumes. 
Directories published:
Kanchev, Stefan, Vesela Hrusanova, and Zdravka Oreshkova. Savetska hudozhestvena literatura v Balgariya 1966 – 1978. Bio-bibliografski spravochnik. T. 1-2 (Soviet Literature in Bulgaria 1966 - 1978. Bio-bibliographical Guide. V. 1-2.) Sofia: NBKM, 1981. 
Markovska, Milka. Letopis za zhivota i tvorchestvoto na Ivan Vazov. Chast 1: 1850-1895 (Chronicle of the Life and Work of Ivan Vazov. Part 1: 1850-1895.) Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1981, 706 pp. 
Duychev, Ivan, Angelina Kirmagova and Ana Paunova. Kirilometodievska bibliographiya 1940 – 1980 (St. Cyril and St. Methodius. Bibliography 1940 – 1980.) Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1983. 723 pp. 
Opening of the branch library of the Centre for Eastern Languages and Studies at the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology. 
Creation of Rare and Valuable Books Department. Mrs. Lilyana Petkova becomes head of the department. 
Bibliographical directories published:
Angelieva, Teofana, Stefan Chirpanliev and Todor Dimov. Zahari Stoyanov: [Bibliogr.] Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1985, 197 pp. (Offset print. Also contains: Todorov, D. M. Ivanov. Publicistat Zahari Stoyanov. Stanisheva, Lazarinka. Natsionalniyat bibliotechen fond po ezikovedska rusistika (The National library collection of the linguistics of Russian.) [Research paper]. Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press,1985, 228 pp. 
Bibliographical directories published:
Shishkov, Georgi, Margarita Kehayova and Svetlana Staykova.Vaglishta i vaglishtni baseyni v Balgariya 1882-1984. Bibliografiya. (Coal and coal basins in Bulgaria 1882-1984. Bibliography.) Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1986, 164 pp. 
Kanchev, Stefan, Penka Troshanova, Zdravka Oreshkova-Zavyalova, Vesela Hrusanova, Tsvetanka Kirova-Georgieva. Ivaylovgradskata selishtna sistema (V pomosht na uchastnitsite v Dalgosrochnata kompleksna ekspeditsiya “Ivaylovgrad”) 1975 – 1984. (Ivaylovgrad settlement system. (In Aid of the Participants in the Long-Term Complex Expedition “Ivaylovgrad”) 1975 – 1984.) Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1986, 45 pp. 
The Library of the Faculty of Preschool and Primary School Education becomes part of the University Library structure. 
Kanchev, Stefan, ed. Uchitelju moj (My Teacher).Sofia: Narodna prosveta,1987, 360 pp. 
100th Anniversary Celebration of the establishment of the University Library. 
Opening of the library of the Center for Slavic and Byzantine Studies “Acad. Ivan Duichev” at Sofia University. 
Prepared on the occasion of Sofia University anniversary by the University Library staff:
Aleksieva, Milka, Fanny Angelieva, Stoyanka Andreeva, Verginia Arizanova, Tsvetanka Georgieva, Christina Dareva, Lyudmila Dimitrova Rositsa Dimitrova, Elena Ivanova, Marina Yoveva, Maria Kapitanova, Margarita Kehayova, Angelina Kirmagova, Emanuela Koynova, Donka Koleva-Shumova, Maria Kaneva, Stefan Kanchev, Alexandra Lyapcheva, Antoineta Minkova, Victoria Mitusheva, Ani Nikolova, Anna Paunova, Polyana Petkanova, Lilyana Petkova, Yulia Slavova, Penka Troshanova, Tsvetanka Hadzhova, Vesela Hrusanova, Dafinka Tsvetkova, Alexandra Tzekova, Slavka Shopova, Nina Shumanova , Tatiana Yanakieva, and Ivanka Yankova. Almanah na Sofiyskiya universitet 1939 – 1988. T. 2. (Almanac of Sofia University 1939 - 1988. Volume 2.) Sofia: St. Kliment Ohridski University Press, 1988-2000. 
Part 1. A - Z. 1988. 
Part 2. I - O. 1995. 
Part 3. P - Ya. 2000. 
Kanchev, Stefan, Mariya Kapitanova, Lilyana Sazdanova, Anna Angelova, Ivanka Yankova, Vesela Hrusanova, Elena Kirova, and Aleksandar Dimchev. “Sto godini Universitetska biblioteka” (“University Library Centenary”). In Bibliotekar, 9, 1988, 48 pp. (Issue devoted to the University Library Jubilee.)

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