For the period from 1888 to 1944

Foundation of the first University Library in Bulgaria. At a meeting of the Academic Council of the newly opened Higher Pedagogical Course, the Chairman Alexander Teodorov-Balan reports that the Ministry of Education has made orders to take from Sofia Public Library “all doublets of books and periodicals useful for the library of the Course”, thereby “laying the first cornerstone of a library for the teachers and students”. 
The first inventory is drawn up, which includes the books acquired during the first academic year. 
Collecting library holdings. Drawing up of the first list of 44 foreign serials subscribed by the library. The first donations are received – the library of the school association "Find Yourself" and doublets of books and serials from the National Libraries in Sofia and Plovdiv. Purchase of books and serials at the price of 10,000 BGL. The library holdings contain 2,577 titles in 4,243 volumes. 
The chairman of the Academic Council A. Teodorov-Balan sets out the priorities of the library in his report at the end of the first academic year (1888/89):
– to collect and store the "Bulgarian literature to the fullest extent possible”, 
– to collect and store the foreign literature as "the most important part of the library holdings”. 
11 September
The Academic Council nominates Prof. Lyubomir Miletich as a Librarian.

Establishment of a library at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics with initial collection of 160 volumes of books and 26 serials donated by the Physico-Mathematical Society (founded in 1880). On the basis of it the libraries at the institutes of mathematics, physics and chemistry will be later formed. Starting of a multi-item acquisition of course reading materials after a proposal by Prof. M. Dragomanov. 
Creation of an alphabetical catalog in book form. 
Opening of a student reading room. 
Opening of the library of the Institute of Natural History (opened in the same year). 
Creation of the library collection of the Faculty of Law, from which subsequently will differentiate the seminar libraries to the Faculty courses. 
Creation of the library collection at the Astronomical Observatory of the Higher School (opened the same year). It will give birth to the Astronomy Library, which is already part of the Library of Physics. 
Published: Argirov, Stoyan. Edin balgarski rakopis ot XVІІ vek v Prazhkiya muzey (A Bulgarian manuscript from XVII century in the Prague Museum.) Sredets: Darzh. Pech., 32 pp.
(Offprint from Periodichesko spisanie na balgarskoto knizhovno druzhestvo, 1893, Vol. ХLІV). 
3 August
The Academic Council decides to exchange books with a foreign partner – the Russian Archaeological Institute. 
24 October
The Academic Council accepts the resignation of Prof. Miletich and expresses its gratitude for "his labor and efforts benefiting the library”. 
1 November
“Regulations of the Higher School in Sofia” (Chapter VI, paragraph A §§ 66-73) regulate for the first time the activities of the library. The Library Committee is elected at the first meeting of Academic Council at the beginning of each academic year (§§ 69). 
Opening of the libraries to the seminars in history and philosophy. Starts the establishment of the first centralized library network in Bulgaria. Adoption of Regulations for the internal organization of the faculties, which govern the activities of the libraries in the institutes and seminars. These libraries are defined as “parts of the main library of the Higher School”. 
1 December
Stoyan Argirov is seconded in Sofia from the Ministry of National Education (as Director of the National Library in Plovdiv) with the aim of organizing the library of the Higher School. 
Published: Argirov, Stoyan. Rakovodstvo za urezhdane narodni, obshtinski, uchenicheski i chastni biblioteki (Guidance for the Organization of Public, Municipal, School and Private Libraries).
V. I. Kalajdzhiev, 1898. III, 122 pp. 
Start of a revision of the main card catalog under the guidance of Stoyan Argirov 
The University Library purchases the personal libraries of two teachers at the Higher School - the Ukrainian Prof. Michael Dragomanov and the Swiss Alfred Audin. Creation of the Geological Library of the Institute of Mineralogy and Geology by Prof. Georgi Zlatarski. 
16 February
Adoption of the first library regulations. 
Creation of the Geographical Library by Prof. Anastas Ishirkov. 
Establishment of a library collection to the Department of Political Economy at the Faculty of Law. 
Fifteen years after its establishment, the University Library has 23,447 titles in 44,281 volumes. According to A. Teodorov-Balan “its holdings are the largest ones and unique among all libraries in Bulgaria”. 
Creation of the Library of Pedagogy. Its initial holdings contain pedagogical literature from the library of the Philosophy Seminar. 
After the revision of the main catalog starts the creation of alphabetical and classified card catalogs with solid cards of size 11/9 cm under the Staderini system. The bibliographical descriptions follow the rules set out in Stoyan Argirov’s "Guidance", which were harmonized with the Prussian Instructions popularized in 1889. 
Completion of the alphabetical catalog. 
Creation of the Classical Philology Seminar Library. 
The Geochemistry Library at the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography is set apart. 
Opening of a bindery workshop for binding and restoration of library items. 
Published: Argirov, Stoyan. Iz nahodkite mi v svetogorskite manastiri Hilendar i Zograf (From my Findings in Mount Athos Monasteries Hilendar and Zograf).
Sofia, 1907, pp. 219-238. (Offprint from Periodichesko spisanie, number 68). 
Creation of the library at the Seminar of Comparative Literary History. 
Completion of the classified catalog. It is done under a scheme drawn up by Stoyan Argirov, based on the classification scheme of the library of the Free University of Brussels. 
3 July
The Academic Council adopts Regulations of the University Library. 
Opening of the Faculty of Medicine and its library. 
Opening of the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry and its library. 
Acad. Stoyan Argirov is appointed Director of the University Library. 
Opening of the Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and their libraries. 
Opening of the library at the Institute of German, French and English Philology. 
The University Library is included within the scope of the Depository Law thereby having the statutory right of acquiring one item from the national publishing production. 
The Academic Council takes decision to set apart “Bulgarian Revival” collection within the University Library. 
15 February
Decision of the Academic Council regulates the participation of University Library in the International Library Organization for ILL. 
9 March
The Academic Council adopts new Regulations of the University Library. 
Mrs. Dora Gabe-Peneva donates to the University Library the personal library of Prof. Boyan Penev – 4,814 literary works in 6,657 volumes. 
Mrs. Lydia Shishmanova donates to the Seminar of Comparative Literary History the personal library of Prof. Ivan Shishmanov – 2,323 literary works in 2,388 volumes. 
The University Library moves into the new building designed for the purpose by the architects Ivan Vasilyov and Dimitar Tzolov. 
Published: Argirov, Stoyan. Katalozi na bibliotekata. Ustrojstvo. Naredba. Polzuvane (Library Catalogs. Structure. Locations. Use.)
Sofia: Sofia Univ. 1936. 44 pp. 
1 December
Kiril Seizov, lecturer at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, is appointed Director of the University Library.
Opening of a Publishing House under the administrative direction of the Director of the University Library. 
Starts the creation of a new card catalogs (alphabetical and classified) of international catalog card size 7.5 x 12.5 cm. 
Starts the printing of cards for the books of the branch libraries. An alphabetical union catalog of books in two series (Cyrillic and Latin) is produced in the Central Library. 
Delegation from the USSR organizes an exhibition of Russian books in the UL. The 4,000 volumes of books from the exhibition are donated to the library. 
Creation of the first alphabetical card catalog of periodicals received in the University Library, which also functions as a union catalog. 
Published: Argirov, Stoyan. Iz nahodkite mi v svetogorskite manastiri Hilendar i Zograf. Prodalzhenie. (From my Findings in Mount Athos Monasteries Hilendar and Zograf. Continuation.).
Sofia: Darzh. Pech.,1942. 22 pp. (Offprint from Spisanie na Balg. Akad. Na Naukite i izkustvata., number LХІІІ). 
Starts the publication of a bibliographical series: 
Bibliografiya na izdaniyata na Sofijskiya universitet. (Bibliography of the Publications of the University of Sofia)
Kovachev, Asen S. 1904 – 1942. Sofia: Universitetska pechatnitsa, 1943. 366 pp.
1943 – 1946. Sofia: Universitetska pechatnitsa, 1947. 31 pp.
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Evacuation of the catalogs, the reference sources collection and part of the library holdings. 
During an air raid a bomb falls into the basement of the library and destroys 15,000 volumes. Library holdings consist of 330,581 volumes.

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