Digital photographic exhibition "The Cyrillic alphabet"

kirilicata_plakat.jpgDuring the period May 15th - June 7th, the Sofia University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” hosts the digital photograph exhibition “The Cyrillic alphabet” - a virtual interactive installation dedicated to the history of letters celebrations during different periods of Bulgarian history. There are presented pictures of drawings and dolls dedicated to the Bulgarian alphabet. They were created by children with hearing impairments.

The photographs and stories are prepared by the NALIS Foundation. The members of the society for culture and empathy “Shtarkelite” Margarita Drumeva and Iveta Georgieva actively participated in the compilation of materials, the preparation of the exhibition and the realization of the workshop with children from the Association of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children.
At the opening of this non-traditional exhibition, Assoc. prof. Anna Angelova welcomed everyone and pointed out that every year in May we celebrate the great work of the first teachers. "This celebration is usually associated with the aroma of the peony bouquet, the opulent school manifestation, and one song - a great, beloved, that makes our hearts beat with a fast rhythm. We connect the celebration with our responsibility as guardians of the letters and the book, and it is our identity in the European cultural space. This holiday associates us as the country of spirit”. 
Antonela Freza, Vice President of the International Consortium for Photographic Heritage and Project Manager of “We are Europe for Culture”, presented the exhibition. Assoc. prof. Emiliya Zankina, Vice Rector of the American University in Bulgaria and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NALIS Foundation, briefly presented the activities of NALIS and thanked Assoc. Prof. Angelova - "one of the founders of NALIS, and to Sabina Aneva, who makes it possible". 
Sabina Aneva, Executive Director of the NALIS Foundation, presented the exhibition and especially focused on the participation of children with special educational needs.

Университетска библиотека "Св. Климент Охридски" 2014