An exhibition of archival materials dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Hristo Smirnenski birth

8521.jpgOn November 13, 2018 an exhibition dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Hristo Smirnenski birth was presented at Sofia University Library. The exhibition depicted manuscripts, letters and photographs of Christo Smirnencski’s archive held at the Institute for Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Science. 

Associate Professor Anna Angelova, Director of the University Library "St. KlimentOhridski, welcomed the guests and expressed her gratification for the realization of this collaborative exhibition between Sofia University Library, National Museum for Literature, andthe Institute for Literature.

Mr. Atanas Kapralov, Director of the National Museum for Literature, dedicated his speech to the noble heritage of the Greatsmir_1.jpg Bulgarian poets and described the museum constant efforts to preserve the spiritual memory of Bulgaria. He emphasized the legacy of Hristo Smirnenski and highlighted some of his imagery and poetical works remaining forever in the Golden Foundation of the Bulgarian poetic language. He described the present state of Smirnenski's house-museum, closed for visitors after 2004 for its critical condition, and shared information about the beginning of its reconstruction. Mr. Kapralov summarized the celebrations dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Smirnenski's birth, collaboratively organized between the Institute for Literature, the National Museum for Literature and the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". 

Chief Assistant Dr. Kristina Yordanova, from the Faculty of Slavic Language Studies, delivered a Welcoming Address from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Rumen Radev to attendees at the exhibition reception and to participants at the National Scientific Conference "Worlds and Utopias" taking place at Sofia University.   

smir_2.jpgAssociate Professor Dr. Alexandra Antonova, from the Institute for Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, accentuated that for the first time a most complete part of HristoSmirnenski’s archive collection has been presented on public view. The exhibition portrays personal documents of the poet, manuscripts, and an extremely valuable for bibliophiles and researchers cartoon compendium "The Emancipated Woman,” which reveals Smirnenski as an excellent satirist, and skillful artist. The archival presentation comprises photographs of the poet, as well as particularly deeply touching documents of his last days: drawings, medical temperature sheets, several manuscripts still bearing traces of his blood and his personal letter to NadezhdaIzmirlieva, written on May 12, 1923. Dr. Antonova described that the poet’s archive at the Institute for Literature encompasses a large body of papers, including most valuable transcripts of his publications, hand written notebooks with his early poetical works, and subsequent translations of Smirnenski’s poetical works. 

Chief Assistant Dr. Emilia Alexieva presented the content of this archive, which she described as the most valuable to the Institute for Literature as well as to the entire Bulgarian community. Smirnenski’s archiveconsists of 339 archival units assembled into several themes: biographical material, creative materials divided into prose and poetry, and illustrative materials of photographs, drawings, and cartoons. The personal correspondence of the poet forms another corpus of documents. There are the letters written by Smirnenski and letters addressed to him, as well as archival materials ofhis personal memoirs. HristoSmirnenski’sarchive comprises of large collection of photo materials of people who, in one way or another, had crossed his life and creative path, there are also first editions of his publications, and books of his personal library.

Университетска библиотека "Св. Климент Охридски" 2014