Exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Anastas Ishirkov and 55 years since the establishment of a separate Faculty of Geology and Geography

plakat-ishirkov-namalen.jpgOn 17th April at Sofia University Library took place the opening of the exhibition, attended by Prof. Georgi Valchev - Deputy Rector of the Sofia University, Assoc. Prof. Georgi Bardarov and Assoc. Prof. Nikola Botusharov, Deputy Deans of the Faculty of Geology and Geography, faculty lecturers, Sofia University Library staff and students.

The Director of Sofia University Library presented the exhibition and characterized it like special and multilayered, in which the main focus is the presentation of Prof. Ishirkov's personality and his contribution to the development of geographic science and the separation before 55 years of the separate Faculty of Geology and Geography.
1ggf.jpgAssoc. Prof. Angelova noted that for the first time in the showcase there are books from the personal library of Prof. Ishirkov, which are kept in Sofia University Library and a small part of Prof. Ishirkov's big scientific work, together with the editions of the other founder of the Faculty of Geology and Geography - Prof. Zlatarski. She thanked to the employees who helped organizing the exhibition and addressed the exhibition to the young people who will be able to learn in the jubilee 130th academic year of Sofia University a lot about the great Bulgarian scientists who worked at Alma mater.
The Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Geology and Geography Assoc. Prof.  Georgi Bardarov,4ggf1.jpg noted that it is a pleasure and an honor to open the exhibition and also thanked the colleagues from the libraries of the Faculty of Geology and Geography for their work. He reminded that 2018 is special for Bulgarian geography: 150 years since the birth of the first Bulgarian geographer Acad. Anastas Ishirkov, 120 years of the first lectures on geography at Sofia University, again 100 years since the founding of The Bulgarian Geographic Society and 55 years of independent activity of the Faculty of Geology and Geography. Assoc. Prof. Bardarov told about the life and activity of Academician Ishirkov and described him as “a scientist who goes beyond Bulgaria and Europe. Absolute encyclopedist, student of the luminaries in geography, Ferdinand Richhofen and Friedrich Ratzel, a scientist for whom geographers know relatively little.”  In his speech, Assoc. Prof. Georgi Bardarov pointed out the little facts about the donor activities of Prof. Ishirkov for his native town of Lovech and Sofia University and summarized that it is a huge responsibility for the whole academic college of the Faculty of Geology and Geography to be the heirs of a scientist of such magnitude commensurate with the highest world levels.
The exhibition can be seen until 10th May 2018.

Университетска библиотека "Св. Климент Охридски" 2014