Awarding the winners of the photo competition “Session in Sofia University Library“ and the game “Classical CULar”

class_c.jpgOn 8th March in Sofia University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” took  place the award ceremony for the winners of the photo competition “Session in Sofia University Library" and the game "Classical CULar" (CULar – jokingly - a person who spend a lot of time in the Central University Library).

Organized for second time the photo  competition brought together the artistic vision of students and PhD students from Sofia University for the spaces of the University Library during the session. Dozens of pictures were posted on the Facebook page, and members of the jury were all visitors, who voted with the "like" button and determined in a transparent and democratic manner the winners.

The game "Read to last – become a classical CULar" was held in  February by the idea of the students who administer the Facebook page "Classical CULar" with the support from Sofia University Library. Every night at 11 pm the reader left last the main reading room received coupon "CULar of the day" and the one who collected the most coupons was declared for winner of the game.

The Deputy Director of the University Library Biljana Yavrukova, PhD thanked the students and librarians for participation in both initiatives, which promoted the  library resources and services and announced the ranking:
1st place - Nelly Petkova and Elena Terentova, fourth year students, "Primary and Preschool Education with Foreign Language" at the Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education.
2nd place - Vassilena Vasileva, Lilia Chachev, Martina Marinova and Blagorodna Hristova, first year students, "Special Education" at the Faculty of Preschool and Primary School Education.
3rd place - Sofia Stoyanova, second year student, "French Studies" at the Faculty of Classical and Modern Languages.

There were given incentive awards:
Christian Nedeltchev - first year student, "Public Relations", Faculty for Journalisms and Mass Communication;
Iva Georgieva - "Public Relations", Faculty for Journalisms and Mass Communication;
Amina Bader – third year student, "International relations",  Faculty of Law; Presian Filipov – fourth year student, "Law",  Faculty of Law;
Stella Popova – third year student,  "International relations",  Faculty of Law;
Iva Assova – fourth year student, "History",  Faculty of History; Steffi Boykova - fourth year student, "History",  Faculty of History; Victor Stoykov - fourth year student, "Medicine",  Faculty of Medicine.

Nikolay Hristov – fifth year "Law" student at the Faculty of Law received the title "Classical CULar". He emotionally told the audience what it was for him to read in the University Library and announced that the Central University Library and the branch libraries are an institution and a temple of spirituality.

The Director of the Sofia University Library greeted the participants in the competitions and their supporters, and assured that the library team listens to the suggestions of readers and supports their initiatives. Assoc. Prof. Anna Angelova shared the idea for the library not only as a place for reading, but also as a place for socializing and wished the young people to continue to love the books and the library.

The library management awarded the winners with certificates, reader’s cards for the next academic year and books. Very pleasant surprise for the winners was the organized walk "The familiar and unfamiliar library."

All attendees - students, PhD students, librarians, teachers, experienced the excitement of the participants in the competitions, sharing their creativity and offering new ideas, some of which we are going to realize together.


Университетска библиотека "Св. Климент Охридски" 2014