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The Central University Library will be closed from 08.07.2019 to 02.09.2019. Reader cards will be registered in the Specialized reading room from 8.00 to 17.00. 
All branch libraries will be opened. According to the approved schedule the following branch libraries will be closed for annual leave:

Archaeology: 23.07 – 09.08. 2019
Library and Information Studies: 30.07 – 06.09. 2019 г.
Geography:12.07.2019 г.,19.08.2019– 30.08.2019  
Geochemistry: 05.08 – 23.08. 2019
DLTIS:19.08 – 05.09. 2019
DIUU: 01.08 – 30.08. 2019
Nordica:10.07 – 09.08. 2019
Library for Educational Studies and the Arts 01.08 – 23.08. 2019
Journalism and Mass Communications:15.07.2019 г. ; 05.08 – 17.08.2019
Slavic and Byzantine Studies: 01.08 – 30.08. 2019
French Literature: 08.07 – 19.07. 2019 г.,  05.08 – 23.08. 2019
We wish you a nice summer!
Presentation of the project „Design and Development of a Prototype of the Information System”, „Citation Index of Publications by Bulgarian Authors (Social Sciences)”

The project „Design and Development of a Prototype of the Information System”, „Citation Index of Publications by Bulgarian Authors (Social Sciences)” (Contract ¹ DN 15 / 11 December 2017), funded by the National Science Fund of Bulgaria (Ministry of Education and Science) is developed in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. The main aim of the project is to be developed a model and a software prototype of a system for identification and indexing of Bulgarian scientific publications in social sciences.

On June 26th, 2019, in the Conference Hall of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” was presented the model of a Citation Index of Publications by Bulgarian Authors to publishers of scientific literature, university professors, and scientists from BAS, and representatives of scientific libraries.

The presentation was opened by associated professor Eliza Stefanova – Vice Rector of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski’ and participant in the project. The project manager - Professor Olya Harizanova, presented the achievements in the first stage of the project realization and Bilyana Yavrukova, Ph. D. presented the developed model of the index and pointed out the possibilities for relevant bibliographic and scientometric retrievals as well as an assessment of scientific contribution/ scientific quality.
There was a discussion with a lot of questions and proposals. The project team explained the data processing and information retrieval and statistics for citing authors and cited authors. The participants agreed there is a need to be developed a National Citation Index, which must index publications in all scientific fields in order the scientific indicators of Bulgarian scientists and institutions to be visible.
Site of the project: 
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During the period 08.06.2019-30.06.2019 the Central University Library will work and on Sunday from 9.00 until 19.00. In the same period each Saturday, the reading room “Stoyan Argirov” will be opened for you from 10.00 until 20.00.
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